“I’ve never been to a conference where so many different people from so many different backgrounds and denominations shared the same space and worshipped together. I was blown away!” 2019 Conference Attendee


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In sailing, tacking is a maneuver used by mariners to keep a ship moving when winds have shifted from back to front and it’s otherwise unable to make forward progress. In short, by tacking, a ship is able to make forward progress in spite of prevailing frontal winds.

Similarly, cultural winds have shifted in our lifetime and our boat seems dead in the water. Where once the church, Christian values, voice, and influence, was welcomed by the culture, a significant percentage now rejects or resents our presence, message, and witness.

Why? In part because church sails remain fixed for past winds while leaders wait in hope they’ll soon again shift. But they won’t. Those days are gone. We are no longer sailing with the wind at our backs but straight into it.

In order to advance a credible witness of God’s love for all people in an increasingly diverse, painfully polarized, and cynical society, local church pastors must learn to swing the boom. Going forward, we must tack to the wind.


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Forward-leaning Intensives for experienced practitioners & others desiring a deeper discussion of relevant issues.


1,200+ ministry leaders, 100+ speakers, 50 sponsors, 6 plenary sessions, engaging worship, networking opportunities & more!


Via 17 Tracks & 72 workshops, proven practitioners will encourage & equip you to address challenges and opportunities.


Airport, hotel, and other related info is available now. We’ll do our best to keep updating as we get closer to the event.

For more specific information, visit mosaixconference.com on or after February 8, 2022


More than 100 expected… Pictured are among those confirmed as of January 15, 2022

Dr. John M. Perkins

Michael Emerson

Rich Villodas

Korie Edwards

Ed Stetzer

Mark DeYmaz

Miles McPherson

Noemi Chavez

Naeem Fazal

Ryan Kwon

Efrem Smith

Brooke Hempell

George Yancey

Saehee Duran

Dhati Lewis

Dave Livermore

Derwin Gray

Alex Mandes

Oneya Okuwobi

Santex Beatty

Joshua Chavez

Harry Li

Angel Eaglin

Irwyn Ince

Jay Moon

Linda DeYmaz

Josh Clemons

Chip Freed

Json Davila

Masood Heidari


Day 1 (Nov 8)

1p – 3p • Pre-conference Intensives (Session I)
3p – 5p • Pre-conference Intensives (Session II)
5p – 6:15p • Dinner onsite (via Food Trucks)
6:30p – 8:25p • Plenary Session I

Day 2 (Nov 9)

7:45a – 8:25a • Worship-based Prayer
8:30a – 10:25a • Plenary Session II
10:45a – 11:50a • Tracks • Workshops A
11:55a – 1:25p – Lunch Onsite (via Food Trucks)
1:30p – 2:35p • Tracks • Workshops B
2:50p – 4:45p • Plenary Session III
4:50p – 6:25p • Dinner Onsite (via Food Trucks)
6:30p – 8:25p • Plenary Session IV

Day 3 (Nov 10)

7:45a – 8:25a • Worship-based Prayer
8:30a – 10:25a • Plenary Session V
10:45a – 11:50a • Tracks • Workshops C
11:55a – 1:25p – Lunch Onsite (via Food Trucks)
1:30p – 2:35p • Tracks • Workshops D
2:50p – 4:45p • Plenary Session VI


1870 Rufe Snow Dr., Keller (DFW), TX 76248


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