An umbrella non-profit opens new doors of possibility for community engagement and transformation.

Work smart to meet the holistic needs of people living in a specific area of your community and generate additional funding.

Churches aren’t usually eligible for local, state, or federal grants and shared church resources are scarce for benevolent work serving local communities.

Budgets are stagnant or in decline and opportunities are being missed.

The time to pivot is now.

By establishing a separate (from your church) 501(c)(3) umbrella nonprofit, your church can…

Work smart.

Empower people.

Expand impact and broaden credibility.

Find new partners.

It used to be kinda dead in this area, but everything seems to have started building up since (Mosaic and its non-profit, Vine & Village has) been here.

Jan Jeffrey

Arkansas Times

In a time where so many churches have felt they couldn’t stay in their original neighborhoods and have moved their congregations, it’s exciting to see the process in reverse. This church moved into an area with lots of problems, and their presence for the last 15 years has made things better.

Sarabeth Jones

Only in Arkansas

…Vine and Village (runs) the largest food distribution pantry in the city and third-largest in central Arkansas, serving about 19,000 people a year. That’s more than half of the 72204 population.

Chelsea Boozer

Arkansas Democrat Gazette

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