PVT Counseling

Personal • Vocational • Trauma

Emotional and psychological health are among the most important resources you need for effective ministry in an increasingly diverse, painfully polarized, and cynical society.

Serving a local church is challenging. Yet where race, class, and cultural diversity are also part of the mix, the challenges grow exponentially.

Through PVT counseling we’ll help you rightly understand, process, and thrive in spite of such racialized challenges… and in the process, be better equipped for effective leadership in the 21st-century church.

PVT Counseling

Personal • Vocational • Trauma


  • Overcoming feelings of insecurity or insignificance
  • Navigating burnout
  • Dealing with private sin


  • Working for or being fired by an insecure leader
  • Resolving cross-cultural conflict
  • Responding to injustice or unjust power-dynamics


  • Managing anger and/or frustration
  • Healing from race-based stress or harm
  • Avoiding revictimization

PVT Counseling is…
Private and confidential ・ Relational and short-term ・ Focused on specific problem solving

PVT Counseling is not…
Psychotherapy・ Professional in nature or long-term・ Focused on chronic problems

Dr. Rod Cooper is an experienced clinical psychologist and respected theologian who has served since 2001 as the Kenneth and Jean Hansen Professor of Discipleship and Leadership Development at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in Charlotte, NC.

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