“You can’t keep begging people for money.”

Rich Warren

Churches Today Must Develop Multiple Streams of Income

Our Church Economic Accelerator will help a team of 3 from your church or faith-based organization to first identify and then leverage its assets (people, money, facilities and/or land) to advance mission, bless the community, and generate sustainable revenue. Check out more information below.


Tithes and offerings alone are no longer enough to provide for the needs of the local church, enable pastors to pursue opportunities, or sustain long-term ministry impact.

Mark DeYmaz

Pastor, Author, The Coming Revolution in Church Economics


Check out this VICE News interview with Mark DeYmaz

Our economy is rapidly changing and so is the average church budget.
One poll suggests church budgets have declined by nearly 30% due to COVID-19. (Source: Church Law & Tax)

1 Online Cohort • 3 Dynamic Courses

Each course builds upon work completed in the previous one, providing unique tools and resources to you and your team. The outcome-based program will help you develop additional revenue through non-profit and for profit enterprise.


Learn why and how the local church will be funded in the future.


Discover resources and opportunities to fund your mission in new ways.


Tools and resourcing that will prepare you and your church to launch its new venture.

Decrease in Giving by Church Size

  • 0-199 (Weekly Attendance)

  • 200-499 (Weekly Attendance)

  • 500-999 (Weekly Attendance)

  • 1000-1999 (Weekly Attendance)

  • 2000-9999 (Weekly Attendance)

  • All Church Sizes Average


Let us help you leverage assets and generate sustainable income.

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