Heaven is not segregated,
so why on earth is the church?

We build healthy multiethnic and economically diverse, culturally intelligent, socially just, and financially sustainable churches.


Multiethnic Church

Building a healthy multiethnic church? You can’t do it alone! Our dedicated, experienced, and competent team of coaches will help you work smart, avoid mistakes, and gain competence.

We provide:

  • Coaching for Pastors
  • Cohorts for Leaders
  • Recruiting for Diverse Staff
  • Speaking at Events
  • Studies for Small Groups

Cultural Intelligence

When it comes to overcoming cultural tensions, we’ve been self-diagnosing and guessing at remedies for far too long. Isn’t it time to take a more intentional and informed approach?

We partner with the Cultural Intelligence Center to offer statistically-driven assessments and training to faith-based organizations.


Launching an umbrella nonprofit creates new opportunities to impact your community and generate new funding sources to fuel your mission. Now is a great time to expand your opportunities.

Services include:

  • Coaching for Pastors
  • Cohorts for Leaders

Church Economics

Tithes and offerings are no longer enough. Learn to leverage church assets to generate sustainable income and bless your community.

Services include:

  • Equipping in Church Economics & Entrepreneurship
  • Coaching for Entrepreneurs
  • Ongoing Support for New Enterprises
  • Speaking at Events


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“The multiracial, multiethnic church movement has come so far, further than I could have ever let myself imagine in this period of time. May God reveal for us and empower us that this vehicle called the church makes right what is broken in this world. Let’s work for churches that are truly hope for all.”

Dr. Michael O. Emerson, author of Divided By Faith, speaking at Mosaix’ 4th National Conference. (11/2019)

November 8-10, 2022, Dallas, TX

This year, Mosaix again convenes the triennial event at Northwood Church… and we want you and your team with us. Get tickets now!


In November 2010, Mosaix hosted its 1st National Conference in San Diego, CA, with 400 people attending. In 2013, the conference was reconvened in Long Beach, CA (1,000); then again in 2016 and 2019 in Dallas (Keller), TX (1,200). In 2019, some 1,300 leaders attended including 112 speakers, 72 workshops and 50 sponsors.

Next Regional Conference

The Technicolor Conference
Monday, February 28, 2022 • 9a – 4p EST
FBC Duluth
2908 Duluth Hwy 120
Duluth, GA 30096

    Bring Mark DeYmaz to your event

    Leverage Mark or another member of our team to enhance your next event and accelerate understanding of the need to build healthy multiethnic, socially just, and/or financially sustainable churches. Click here to see our team of speakers.

    About Mosaix Global Network

    Mosaix is a relational network of pastors and planters, denominational and network leaders, educators, authors, and researchers alike, that exists to establish healthy multiethnic and economically diverse, culturally intelligent, socially just, and financially sustainable churches that express a credible witness of God’s love for all people (the Gospel) in an increasingly diverse, painfully polarized, and cynical society. 

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