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A healthy multiethnic church is one in which people of diverse ethnic and economic backgrounds will themselves to:

Walk, work, and worship God together as one to advance a credible witness of God’s love for all people;

Recognize, renew, reconcile, and redeem broken relationships, both interpersonal and collective;

Establish equitable systems of responsible authority, leadership, governance, and accountability within the congregation;

Advocate and advance justice, mercy, and compassionate work in the community;

Embrace the tension of sound theological reflection and applicational relevance in an increasingly complex and intersectional society for the sake of the Gospel.

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Our experienced team has helped scores of pastors from a wide variety of denominations and networks establish healthy multiethnic and economically diverse, socially just, and financially sustainable churches. 

Start immediately with a 30-day or 90-day intensive!

Coaching Options

Choose 30- or 90-day coaching with your choice of emphasis:

    • Church planting
    • Homogeneous church transition
    • Church revitalization
    • Individual or Team

30-Day Coaching

    • 8-10 hours in 30 days + 1 additional hour within 60 days

90-Day Coaching

    • 18-20 hours in 90 days + 2-hour additional follow-up within 60 days

Having Mosaix walk alongside me through the tensions of planting a multiethnic church was invaluable!

Sonny Smith

Detroit Church

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Mark’s passion for church leaders in our districts have challenged cohort participants to transition their congregations into healthy multiethnic and economically diverse faith communities, and to thoughtfully engage the systemic challenges of surrounding communities by pressing into spiritual, social justice, and economic realities and lead people beyond the church walls to Christ.

Rev. Stephanie Moore Hand

Vitality Strategist, Western North Carolina Conference UMC

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Join a Cohort

Our cohort learning and acceleration process provides guided training to help you work smart, avoid mistakes, and achieve measurable results in a specific period of time. Cohorts are perfect for entire church staff teams, or denominational leaders seeking to accelerate the vision among the pastors you’re working with in a specific conference, district, or region!


Multiethnic Church Development (6 Months)

Emphasis: Spiritual leg of the Stool

    • Discuss the why, how, and what of building a healthy multiethnic church
    • Learn to articulate the mission and vision for others in a compelling way
    • Consider the common challenges and how to overcome them in your context
    • Visit a healthy multiethnic churches + monthly training sessions via zoom
    • 5-7 churches · lead pastor + 2 others from the church (total 3 people per church)


We help churches surface and hire diverse staff team members.

    • We specialize in finding leaders for local churches seeking to diversify staff teams.
    • Our approach is personal, proven, low risk, effective & affordable.
    • We conduct interviews & assessments, check references, verify employment, education, and much more.
    • Our team is committed to working with you to achieve staffing goals.

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MosaixSearch is a game-changer. At Northwood, we are striving to be a healthy multiethnic church committed to hiring a diverse staff. Mark DeYmaz and the MosaixSearch team are our go-to and should be yours as well!

Scott Venable

Northwood Church (Keller, TX)

My experience with Mosaix was phenomenal!

DJ Jamerson

Montgomery Community Church (Cincinnati, OH)

Mosaix was the partner we needed to help create a church that looks like heaven.

Ben Cachiaras

Mountain Christian Church (Joppa, MD)

I know of no better resource to bring us together, to help us understand and love one another.

Dr. John M. Perkins

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An 8-week journey toward unity in your church.

This powerful resource is a proven catalyst to help transform the minds, attitudes, and actions of people in your local church, and lead them to enthusiastically embrace one another in the midst of cultural change. Structured around eight weeks of daily readings and thought-provoking questions, this attractive and accessible workbook is a Christ-centered, biblically accurate guide that facilitates authentic personal exploration and small group discussion of race, class, and culture. As the centerpiece tool of the Mosaix Global Network, this book brings diverse people together beyond the distinctions of this world that so often and otherwise divide. It all begins with a conversation.

The first daily devotional and small group study on multiethnic life and church for people in the pews


What It Is


      • An 8-week daily devotional
      • A small group study curriculum for the entire church, young and older adults alike
      • The basis of an 8-week sermon series by pastors
      • A pre-launch curriculum for multiethnic church planters seeking to equip and establish their initial core groups
      • Part of a church membership class and/or as a required eight-week small group study for all new members
      • A curriculum for leadership development
      • A requirement for undergraduate or graduate courses focused on cross-cultural competence, social justice, church planting, growth or development, church leadership, missions, etc. to establish a healthy multiethnic and economically diverse church

How To Use

7 daily readings (of no more than 250 words) are provided over 8 weeks (total of 56) to stimulate personal and missional formation focused on Theology, History, Considerations, Relationships, Communication, Competence, and Biblical Reflection. In the book itself, which doubles as a journal, you’ll respond to 2-3 questions at the end of each reading. Your responses become the basis for small group discussion at the end of each week.

Bonus: Download the Leaders Guide for Free!

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Speaking Team

We can succinctly articulate and advance understanding with your audience.

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Mark DeYmaz

Contact for bookings.

A thought-leading practitioner and author of numerous books, Mark is an experienced, competent, and engaging communicator encouraging the establishment of healthy multiethnic and economically diverse, socially just, and financially sustainable churches for the sake of the Gospel. Whether speaking to large audiences from the main stages at Catalyst, Q, and Exponential, at annual denominational or network gatherings, or more locally in consulting with pastors and churches, non-profit organizations, and for-profit businesses, he promotes promising practices rooted in sound theology and experiential knowledge. As the convener of the Mosaix’ triennial National Multiethnic Church Conference, Mark also understands first-hand the responsibilities and pressures of event planning and will work with you and your organization in a professional yet easy-going manner.

Topics Include:


    • Overcoming Race, Class, and Cultural Barriers in Society
    • Pursuing Cross-cultural Relationships and Competence in Pursuit of Reconciliation & Justice
    • Peacemaking in an Otherwise Painfully Polarized Society
    • Planting a Multiethnic Church in the Urban Context
    • Multiethnic and Missional Church Growth and Development
    • Metrics of a Multiethnic and Economically Diverse Church
    • Funding Multiethnic and Economically Diverse Churches in the Urban Setting
    • 7 Critical Adjustments for the American Church

Oneya Okuwobi

Contact for bookings.

Oneya Fennell Okuwobi is a Ph.D. candidate in Sociology studying race and religion at The Ohio State University. Oneya’s research interrogates how diverse organizations impact racial inequality. Oneya was previously a corporate finance manager with 14 years’ experience in strategic business planning, category expansion, and organizational leadership. Along with her husband, Oladele, Oneya is founding elder of 21st Century Church, a church plant in Cincinnati, OH. She is co-author of Multiethnic Conversations: An Eight-Week Journey toward Unity in Your Church. It is a personal devotional and small group study on multiethnic life and church designed for people in the pews. Oneya is a graduate of the University of Virginia (B.A. Economics) and Regent University (M. Div Practical Theology)

Topics Include:

    • The Theological Basis for Multiethnic Church
    • Making the Mix Work: Cultural Competence in Multiethnic Churches
    • Racial Inequality and the Multiethnic Church
    • Multiethnic Youth Ministry
    • Bridging Cultures: Multiethnic Church Mergers

Noemi Chavez

Contact for bookings.

Noemi Chavez was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. She is married to Joshua Chavez and has two awesome boys, Josh and Stephen. Noemi taught for the Los Angeles Unified School District for eight years before she began pastoring alongside her husband at 7th Street Church in Long Beach, CA. She is committed to raising up the next generation of leaders to serve the future of the church and their communities. Noemi is also a conference speaker. She also serves on the board of the Young Women’s Empowerment Conference, which focuses on reaching out to and connecting with at risk girls that are on probation and are in the foster care system. Noemi is on the board of student outreach at Biola University as well. When she isn’t catching footage of her kids skating, dancing, biking or singing, she is having coffee with friends.

Alex Diaz

Contact for bookings.

Alex is a passionate preacher whose goal is “to connect people from every ethnic background to Jesus and to each other.” Originally from Caracas, Venezuela, Alex has been a pastor, speaker, and creative for over a decade, communicating God’s Word in front of English and Spanish speaking crowds. His inspirational and humorous presentations reflect his calling to reach the hearts of people through a diverse, multigenerational, and reconciling Church. After ministering in South Florida for 8 years he joined the staff of Mosaic Church – a pioneering multiethnic congregation in Little Rock, Arkansas – as Teaching Pastor and Ministry Catalyst, as well as the leadership team of the Mosaix Global Network. A graduate of Cincinnati Christian University, Alex is married to Erin Diaz, and they have two beautiful children: Evan and Lily.

Topics Include:

  • 5 Paradigm Shifts to Reach the Next Generation
  • How Multiethnic Churches can Transform Communities and Reach the Nations
  • It’s Time for a Chain Reaction: A New Chapter in Church Planting Movements
  • Church Planting Sins and Strategies
  • Stuck: The Powerful Purpose of Delays
  • Metamorphosis: From Counterfeit to Authentic Faith
  • 10 Prácticas para Dirigir Ministerios Hispanos en Iglesias Americanas

Chip Freed

Contact for bookings.

Chip Freed is the lead pastor at Garfield Memorial UMC (Cleveland, OH), a multi-site ministry with locations in Pepper Pike and South Euclid. Since Chip arrived at Garfield Memorial September 24, 2004, the number of active members in the church has increased from 400 to 1,100. The number of children in children’s ministry has grown ten-fold to 150, and the church became the first live video venue in the East Ohio Conference. The largest ethnic group at Garfield Memorial constitutes only 54% of the congregation, which makes Freed a sought after speaker and workshop leader on the multi-ethnic church movement. His book on the subject, Two Segregated Souls Never Meet God, is in process. A native of Youngstown, Ohio, Freed was a vice president of sales, and then a president and chief executive officer in the corporate world before entering the ministry. Prior to being appointed to Garfield Memorial, he first served Montgomery UMC in Belle Mead, NJ, then Asbury UMC in Elyria before serving as superintendent of the former Mansfield District. Freed is married to his best friend and ministry partner, Terri, and they have three children.

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Start a City Network

From Atlanta to Phoenix, pastors are meeting monthly for mutual encouragement and peer learning.

City Networks

    • Provide a place for leaders to relationally connect, encourage one another, and advance peer learning to overcome the unique challenges of building healthy multiethnic and economically diverse churches of Christ-like love for all people.
    • Coordinate monthly meetings and other activities such as Mosaix Regional Conferences or group studies of Multiethnic Conversations to help advance and strengthen the Multiethnic Church Movement on the ground in their own local contexts.
    • Help pastors and ministry leaders, take intentional steps, develop cross-racial relationships, promote cross-cultural competence, promote a spirit of inclusion in their churches, and mobilize for greater impact in their cities.

To get a group started, contact Matt McGue.


Locations & Contacts