You know about IQ…
And your emotional intelligence is EQ.
But what about your CQ?

By first assessing and then improving your team’s CQ, your church or faith-based nonprofit can better walk and work with others of varying cultural backgrounds.

When it comes to overcoming cultural tensions, we’ve been self-diagnosing
and guessing at remedies for far too long.


It’s time we take a more informed and intentional approach!

CQ® Assessments are the only academically valid measurement of cultural intelligence in the world.

Mosaix is the Cultural Intelligence Center‘s premier provider for delivering CQ assessment and training to Christian ministries in North America.

How can I improve our organization’s cultural intelligence?

Schedule a call to discuss what CQ product is best for your team or organization.

Take the assessment and get group training from one of our certified specialists.

Receive a final report with specific recommendations to strengthen your team's CQ.


Mosaix CQ Services

CQ Pro Assessment

Measures the cultural motivation, knowledge, ability, and flexibility of your team as well as ten cultural preferences that influence life, relationship, church, and work.

CQ Assessments are built upon extensive, peer-reviewed research.

Learn more about the research basis of our assessments.

    Faith-Based CQ Training Workshops

    6-Hour Group Presentation & Training Workshop

    • In-Person or Online
    • Includes a group report, the theological underpinnings of CQ, interactive breakouts, and more.
    • Receive specific recommendations based on the data in a post-training debrief with leadership. 

    2-Hour Group Presentation

    • Online
    • Includes an explanation of assessment results and key findings.
    • Receive general recommendations based on the data during the session.

    Our Team of Certified Trainers

    Dr. Harry Li – Team Lead

    Dr. Rodney L. Cooper

    Angel Eaglin

    Dr. Graham McKeague

    Rev. Chip Freed

    Rev. Angel Jordan