Mosaix Institute at Wheaton College

Equipping pastors and ministry leaders to build healthy, multiethnic, biblically just, culturally intelligent, and financially sustainable churches.

M.A. in Ministry Leadership

Together in partnership, Wheaton College and the Mosaix Global Network offer an M.A. in Ministry Leadership to leaders seeking to serve, establish or develop healthy multiethnic, biblically just, and financially sustainable churches and organizations for the sake of the gospel in an increasingly diverse society.

Students journey together in the program as a Mosaix Cohort:

  • 15 to 22 students
  • 25% tuition discount
  • Cohort 1 projected to begin Fall 2022
  • 42 credit hours
  • Virtual and onsite instruction
  • Social media interaction with peers and professors

    Four classes (16 hours) taught by Mosaix Institute Instructors focus specifically on building multiethnic local churches and organizational ministry leadership in these aspects:

    • Theological understanding
    • Core commitments
    • Common challenges
    • Movements and models
    • Personal and collective development
    • Sustainable economics

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      Who Benefits from the Mosaix Institute?

      Pastors & Pastoral Students

      Ministry Leaders

      Local Churches

      Planting Networks & Denominations

      The Work of Mosaix Institute Includes…

              1. Casting vision via speaking, writing & research
              2. Connecting leaders of like mind
              3. Conferencing at the regional and national level
              4. Coaching individuals and groups
              5. Consulting organizations
              6. Curriculum development & distribution
              7. City cohorts

      Who’s Involved?

      Dr. Ed Stetzer is the Billy Graham Distinguished Chair of Church, Mission, and Evangelism at Wheaton College and Executive Director of the Billy Graham Center at Wheaton College.

      Dr. Mark DeYmaz is the founding pastor and directional leader of the Mosaic Church of Central Arkansas (Little Rock, AR). He is also the co-founder, President and CEO of Mosaix Global Network.

      Dr. Ray Chang is the founding and former pastor of Ambassador Church (Brea, CA). He is also the founder, President and CEO of Ambassador Network.



      Embedding the work of Mosaix into academic institutions is vital to the growth of the movement toward multiethnic and sustainable churches. It is also expensive. Would you consider giving to the formation and sustaining of the institute?

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