Wanted: Disrupters!


Earn Your MA in Leadership via the Mosaix Institute at Wheaton College

Together in partnership, Wheaton College and the Mosaix Global Network offer an M.A. in Leadership to graduate students seeking to serve, establish or develop healthy multiethnic, biblically just, and financially sustainable churches and organizations for the sake of the gospel in an increasingly diverse society. Through this advanced degree, students receive Christ-centered, academically challenging, and onsite training from credible educators and proven practitioners to equip them for effective local church leadership and redemptive community engagement in the 21st century.

As part of a Mosaix Cohort, (15-22) graduate students receive a significant tuition discount (25%), and journey together as a group for the entire length of the program. The unique degree features both online and onsite instruction; ongoing connection with peers and professors through a dedicated social media account; contextual coaching for those already in ministry, and more.


Earn Your MDiv or DMin via the Mosaix House of Study at UTS

The Mosaix House of Study provides personal, specialized and contextual training for experienced ministry leaders seeking to better understand, establish and proliferate disruptive church technology — that is, the why, how and what of building healthy multiethnic, economically diverse, culturally intelligent, socially just, and financially sustainable churches in the 21st century.

An increasingly diverse, painfully polarized, and cynical society is no longer finding credible the message of God’s love for all people as proclaimed from segregated pulpits and pews. Moreover, the community rightly wonders why a church will send its people and resources across an ocean but not across the street. To effectively engage a rapidly changing society, pastors today need to develop cross-cultural intelligence. To not only survive but thrive in the future, local churches will need to get beyond sole dependence on tithes and offerings by leveraging assets to generate sustainable income.

If these realities reflect your own understanding and/or experience, you’ve found your people: the Mosaix House of Study is for you.